Keep Your Data Safe!

Keep Your Data Safe!

Nowadays, Data Security is more important than ever. Having protected documents that are only available for viewing by selected personnel is vital in keeping workplace data safe.

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Choosing the Right Printer: How To Boost Productivity


There are plenty of ways to boost office productivity from performance incentives to task delegation and more, but there’s a simple factor that gets overlooked: Efficient equipment. Choosing the right printer can reduce a lot of the effort and time of simple busy work that slows down the rate of productivity. Reliable printers, fax machines, and copiers mean your staff has more time on their hands to complete more important work. 

how choosing the right printer can boost productivity

Office equipment such as printers and copiers have evolved over the past few years as technology has advanced. This has contributed to the increase in productivity gains over the past decades. By working with a print service company, you can find machines with great features that can deliver quality output, faster than ever before. Let’s dive deeper into how the right printer, is maybe all you need.

What to look for when it comes to choosing the right printer?

Convert Scanned Documents into Editable and Searchable Files

A good copier can convert scanned documents, PDF files, and other images into editable and searchable files. This helps businesses avoid data loss and manage files more efficiently. The preview option on copiers also ensures the organization of documents and the ability to search for documents all in one place as there is a digital copy. Meaning employees don’t need to go on hunts to find the documents they need.

Cloud File Sharing

Good printers can also allow employees to share documents among themselves and access documents remotely. This decreases the need to print physical copies of documents which in return saves time and boosts productivity as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Not only do printers allow people to share files digitally as well as use their copies, but they also include 

Printing from Mobile Devices

With many printers and copiers merging into one multi-functional machine with a variety of tools and abilities, users can now control their equipment from the comfort of their mobile devices. This makes it easy to scan and keep documents on any device which can help with the coordination of documents during meetings. 


For your multi-functional device to increase productivity in an office environment, user-friendliness and ease of understanding is required. Having an overly complicated high-tech machine will only lead to more time being wasted on figuring out how the machine functions. Easy-to-use machines will have employees producing documents and organizing their work on the fly.

Print-on-demand Functionality

Print-on-demand functions allow machines to print as needed without storing excess materials which may go to waste. A well-seasoned print services company will be able to service and provide your printers with the amount of supply that your individual company needs, no more, no less.

Ready to Choose The Right Printer?

To conclude, having high-quality office machines is a great investment in your business. Choosing the wrong printer can have adverse effects on your company’s productivity by slowing down the process of printing, scanning, and handling other tedious tasks in the office. However, the right printer can cut the busywork in half allowing you and your team to focus on more important tasks.

Why Choose FujiFilm Printers – A journey towards sustainability


As climate change and an irreversibly damaged environment become harder to ignore, many companies are starting to progress into more environmentally sustainable options for their products. Large companies such as Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) have the power to decrease the world’s carbon emissions by a significant percentage by taking steps in the right direction. FujiFilm Business Innovation aims to do its part in battling a changing climate within the next decade. Here are some of the strides that FujiFilm Internationally is making to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on our environment. So, how does FujiFilm contribute towards sustainable printers?

A Journey Towards Sustainability

Encouraging a Non-Carbon society

FujiFilm provides high-quality paper solutions to all of its consumers to reduce energy consumption made by paper waste and unnecessary paper usage. By providing many online solutions to tasks that may commonly be completed using paper, FujiFilm decreases the need for paper usage. Examples may be the development of applications such as DocuWorks Cloud, Cocodesk, Working Folder, and more. With the accessibility of applications like this around the office environment, co-workers are less likely to need to print physical copies of their documents and other work material.

Inedible Woody Biomass Plastic

FUJIFILM has developed materials and parts for their products that are made of environmentally friendly bioplastic derived from wood. This bioplastic is made of cellulose derived from wood resources and has plant-derived components that makeup about 40% of its entirety in place of oil resources. Unlike polylactide, a common bioplastic, inedible woody materials do not have food-related issues. Additionally, inedible woody biomass plastic is commonly available around the world, potentially reducing carbon-dioxide emissions caused by transportation 

Future Goals

FujiFilm aims to reduce carbon emissions within their company to address climate change within the next decade by incorporating more recycled materials to achieve successful product life-cycle management within their products. With their effort to be more environmentally conscious, their hopes are to move towards a Non-Carbon society by reducing their carbon footprint by 50 million tonnes.

Colour vs. Monochrome: When to use both.

Colour vs. Monochrome: What's The Difference?

You might feel the urge to print everything in colour because you’ve been told everything is better in colour, or to make sure your documents are engaging, but that isn’t always the case. Let’s dive into when to opt for colour print, and when monochrome printing would be the better option.

Colour prints are best for documents that will be presented or shown to your team during important meetings. Instances where you would want to use colour print instead of black & white include but are not limited to: photographs, presentations, marketing pitches, pie charts, documents that include sections that are labeled with colour and more. 

In some circumstances however, printing in colour may be redundant or even a waste of ink from your printer’s ink cartridges. When printing important notes, meeting minutes, or simple drafts, you may find it more logical to use monochrome print in order to reduce unnecessary costs. When printing important documents such as contracts, research  papers or any document that requires a large amount of paper to be printed, it is advisable to use monochrome prints.

In conclusion, the ability to print in both colour and monochrome might be a resource that can improve your businesses productivity and boost engagement within your team when presenting, that is why it is important to choose a good quality printer that can provide you the best of both worlds. That is where the latest FUJIFILM Marble 4 series comes to play. With the capacity to print up to 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution, copy and print up to 30 sheets per minute*, and scan coloured and monochrome documents with a remarkable speed of up to 55 pages per minute, the Marble III Series is the easy choice for all your printing needs. If you want to know more about colour or monochrome printing, contact us now to get started on boosting the productivity of your business!

Why Multifunction Printers?

Why Multifunction Printers? The Multifunction Printer Benefits.

A multifunction printer or MFP, is an office machine that incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller footprint in a home, or small business setting, or to provide centralized document management/distribution/production in a large office environment. Typically, an MFP has all the components of a copier scanner, printer, and fax machine accessible from one device. 

Many workplaces nowadays are making the switch to MFPs instead of ordering separate copiers, scanners, and more. Here is why you should opt for a multifunction printer rather than just a single-function device in your office. 

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #1: Space-saving

If your typical daily office needs require more than just printing, getting multiple devices can be a waste of space. Space taken up by multiple devices that can be used for other more productive purposes. Having an MFP can be a great option to have all your office devices in one machine that can be placed conveniently in your office, in one place.

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #2: Convenience

All team member in your business can complete all their office tasks using one device, rather than having to connect to multiple devices and occasionally getting confused as to which device your documents have been sent to which can lead to important documents getting lost, team members need only connect to one device, making it much more reliable in an office environment.

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #3: Sustainability

In our current climate, environmentally conscious decisions are extremely important in maintaining and improving the landscape of today. Making changes such as having one multifunctional printer that only needs to be plugged into one outlet rather than four single use devices consuming a large amount of energy can be a great sustainable difference to the workplace. 

Want more information about how an MFP can fit into your work culture and environment? Contact us today and check out some of our Multifunction Printers now!

Ipoh Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019

Tricomas together with Fuji Xerox Malaysia organized our Ipoh Digital Transformation Roadshow on the 18th of July 2019, with the goal of sharing the latest generation of Fuji Xerox Multi-Function Devices, Software & Solutions that are designed to Elevate your Business to the Next Level.

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Print Utility V3

Print Utility V3 is a free printing and scanning application available on both IOS & Android devices. The app includes features designed to improve your work effectiveness by using mobile devices in conjunction with Fuji Xerox’s MFPs, printers and software.

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Print Audit Security

Rest assured that Print Audit 6 is designed to protect your organization’s security, privacy & confidentiality. The software accounts for security measures in Scanning, Data Collection, Data Storage, Data Transmission as well as the Web Interface.

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DocuWorks 9

DocuWorks 9 is a Document Handling Software made up of an electronic desk reproduced on your PC (DocuWorks Desk) and a tool for browsing and editing documents arranged on this desk (DocuWorks Viewer).

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