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Cloud On-Demand Print

What is Cloud On-Demand Print [CODP]?

Cloud On-Demand-Print is a Fuji Xerox Cloud-Based Service that enables users to print Jobs to Fuji Xerox Cloud Server via mobile devices & PC. Users can then secure release jobs from any Cloud On-Demand Print supported devices, anytime & anywhere.

Main Features/Benefits:

1) Upload documents from multiple client terminals

  • Documents can be uploaded from a variety of client terminals such as a web-browser/custom application on a Windows PC.
  • On an IOS or Android Device, upload documents through the Cloud On-Demand Print app available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
  • This eliminates the need to install or configure a printer driver.

2) Scalable to your business size, big or small

  • Up to 3,000 multifunction devices can be recognized as Cloud On-Demand Print enabled output devices.
  • Up to 30,000 users at various levels from small groups to departments/offices can be supported.

3) Low implementation and operation costs

  • CODP is a monthly subscription-based Cloud Service.
  • Eliminate the need for an in-house server or a dedicated system administrator.

4) Layered security measures 

  • Access to the cloud server is protected through the use of secure User ID & Password.
  • Uploaded documents will be deleted automatically after a specified period of time regardless if the document is printed out.
  • SSL Encryption for communication during document uploading/printing.
  • Operation history allows you to track and monitor user activities.
  • Documents can be password protected when uploading.