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Efficient Printing with Cloud!

Efficient Printing with Cloud!

Maximizing your office’s productivity doesn’t always have to take a lot of effort. Instead, try streamlining your processes to work more effectively in your environment. Here’s how you can make your printing process more efficient & accessible with cloud solutions such as Working Folder, Cloud Service Hub, and Cloud On-Demand Print.

Working Folder

Working Folder is a Cloud Document Management Service from FUJIFILM that enables you to access your documents via the internet from your Windows and Apple PCs as well as from your mobiles devices for the ultimate convenience and flexibility.


Working Folder adopts Amazon Web Services as the service platform which is built and operated in the Asia Pacific Region. Data is securely protected by SSL communication and encrypted storage. Through the use of multiple data centers, the Working Folder service places upmost importance on ensuring your data is safe and secured. 


Secure file sharing with people outside your organization.

Working folder creates a secure environment through the use of access permissions and data encryption for both internal and external information sharing. These measures include:


  • User Permission Settings

    • The functions available to Restricted Users are limited whereas Standard Users are able to enjoy all functions.

    • This is beneficial when assigning user permissions to project members outside of organization.  

  • Access Permission Settings

    • Access permissions can be set for individual users and groups on Folders in Public Folder as well as all Drawers. 

    • Two permissions can be set: Read Only and Write.

  • Access restriction by IP Address

    • IP address restriction can be either enabled or disabled. 

    • Up to 50 IP Addresses can be added to the permitted address list. 

  • Encrypted Date

    • Data stored in the data centre is encrypted with highly secure cryptosystem. 

Low startup costs with minimal maintenance fees. 

This service is available on a fixed monthly subscription basis. The service does not require any special equipment such as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or dedicated servers therefore making the startup costs low. In addition, maintenance fees can also be minimized as there is no need to appoint a system administrator for this service. 


Streamline User Management

If you’re already using Microsoft Office 365 or have Azure Active Directory set up, it is possible to centralize the management of users. This effectively reduces administrator man-hours required for user management. 

Seamless Linkage with Multifunction Devices

The Job Flow function on the FUJIFILM multifunction devices can automatically upload incoming faxes and scanned documents to the Working Folder. This feature simplifies the process and makes document management a breeze. These documents can then be printed directly from the MFD without the need of a PC.

In conclusion, by subscribing to Working Folder, you can increase your business’s efficiency, streamline document management, and ensure secure and reliable operations. This cloud-based solution is an excellent choice for businesses looking to adapt to the demands of the modern world and stay ahead of the competition.