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Print Audit Overview


Print Audit Facilities Manager is a software tool designed to securely monitor and optimize your copiers, printers, and MFPs.

Print Audit Facilities Manager Management assures optimal performance and lower downtime therefore increasing the productivity of your workplace.

This software adds value to your product offering while maintaining customer loyalty and boosting profits.

  • Software Installation with NO hardware required.
  • Fully automated software updates.
  • Application runs on a single machine.

Main Features/Benefits:

1) Maximize printer assets

  • Automated reporting of meters, supplies and toner information.
  • Track total cost of ownership and pinpoint costly devices for replacement.
  • Improve employee productivity by ensuring devices run efficiently.

2) Learn more about your printing fleet

  • Automatically track volumes on any new printing devices.
  • Inventory all copies, printers, and multifunction devices.
  • Create reports to identify machine inefficiencies.

3) Simplify supplies & service management

  • Automatically order toner and supplies.
  • Access data from anywhere using the World Wide Web.
  • Lower downtime with internal service and status alerts.