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Why Multifunction Printers?

Why Multifunction Printers? The Multifunction Printer Benefits.

A multifunction printer or MFP, is an office machine that incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller footprint in a home, or small business setting, or to provide centralized document management/distribution/production in a large office environment. Typically, an MFP has all the components of a copier scanner, printer, and fax machine accessible from one device. 

Many workplaces nowadays are making the switch to MFPs instead of ordering separate copiers, scanners, and more. Here is why you should opt for a multifunction printer rather than just a single-function device in your office. 

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #1: Space-saving

If your typical daily office needs require more than just printing, getting multiple devices can be a waste of space. Space taken up by multiple devices that can be used for other more productive purposes. Having an MFP can be a great option to have all your office devices in one machine that can be placed conveniently in your office, in one place.

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #2: Convenience

All team member in your business can complete all their office tasks using one device, rather than having to connect to multiple devices and occasionally getting confused as to which device your documents have been sent to which can lead to important documents getting lost, team members need only connect to one device, making it much more reliable in an office environment.

Mutifunction Printer Benefits #3: Sustainability

In our current climate, environmentally conscious decisions are extremely important in maintaining and improving the landscape of today. Making changes such as having one multifunctional printer that only needs to be plugged into one outlet rather than four single use devices consuming a large amount of energy can be a great sustainable difference to the workplace. 

Want more information about how an MFP can fit into your work culture and environment? Contact us today and check out some of our Multifunction Printers now!