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Working Folder

What is Working Folder?

Working Folder is a FUJIFILM Cloud-Based Storage Service that links to FUJIFILM multifunction-devices, mobile devices & desktop computers.

Process Flow for Working Folder

Main Features/Benefits:

1) Highly accessible from computers and mobile devices

  • Access Working Folder via the internet from Windows/Apple devices anytime, anywhere.

2) Minimal startup costs, low maintenance fees

  • Sign up with Working Folder Cloud Service for a fixed monthly fee. Enjoy low startup costs and operation fees with no special equipment required such as dedicated servers or Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • This software does not require a dedicated system administrator.

3) Highly secure and reliable operation

  • Working Folders adopts Amazon Web Services as the service platform based in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • The networks, servers & storage devices utilize redundancy configurations.
  • Customer Data is securely protected through SSL communication and encryption storage.

4) Link with multifunction devices to access incoming faxes and scanned data.  

  • Incoming faxes and scanned documents can be configured to automatically be uploaded to the Working Folder using the Job Flow function on the Multifunction Device.
  • The documents can also be printed out directly from the Multifunction devices without the need of a PC.